First Nations benefit from E-Learning

From reading the course content and my own experiences, I feel that First Nations can benefit from taking an online course.  Certain support strategies need to be put into place for First Nation students to be successful when taking an e-learning course.  By offering student guided learning with differentiated instruction and accepting different modes and methods of how materials and content are interpreted will build confidence and creativity in all learners.

Support Strategies:

  • Content needs to be relevant
  • Expectations need to be set high
  • Access to course content, resources and websites that relate to content
  • Focus on student needs
  • Create an inclusive and holistic environment
  • Provide relevant and engaging resources
  • Let students guide own learning
  • Differentiated learning




One thought on “First Nations benefit from E-Learning

  1. Hi Julie,
    You’ve provided great strategies to support First Nation, Métis and Inuit learners.
    I especially like your inclusion of expectations being set high; even though there may be difficulties connecting certain communities or families not supporting education, it is important we make students believe in the value of education by holding them to high standards and expectations. They will recognize if we are lessening it for them, and they can do it! They just need the confidence from the inclusive and holistic environment, like you also suggested.
    Thanks for sharing!

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