Inclusive Strategies

The five strategies that I identified that would be supportive to an online inclusive learning environment are:

  1. Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology is a great way to support my entire class in an online learning environment.  By giving all my students the opportunity to use assistive technology can break down many barriers that students may have while taking an online course.  It can enhance student’ ability to perform and complete tasks with efficiency and independence.  It can my help students with organizing information in different ways.  It offers speech to text and text to speech software for those students who struggle in the area of literacy, helping them to become more independent learners.  By giving my students opportunities to have freedom to explore the use of different assistive technologies helps to make them feel more comfortable to try it out and break down barriers that they may have.  Also by making assistive technology as a part of my whole class approach on a regular basis will increase student use and confidence in using it.  It will become more natural to all my students if I use it as a part of my regular lessons in my e-learning course.

  1. Providing a welcoming online presence as the teacher on a daily basis.
  2. Creating a fun, positive and safe online community within our course discussion posts.
  3. Making all content easily accessible – put in links when needed for easy navigation.
  4. Make sure the fonts and colours are readable and a good size for everyone to read. Don’t use colour to convey meaning, say what you want students to know.



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