Asynchronous vs. Synchronous

Scenario 1:

Orientation to the LMS

An asynchronous tool could be any type of presentation software like Mindomo, Prezi, PowerPoint, Haiku Deck, Slide Dog, Keynote, Emaze and many more.  The teacher can create the orientation on one of these tools with photos and directions of how to navigate the LMS.  Students can then log on and view the presentation, “Orientation to LMS” at any time of day or night when it is convenient for them.  The asynchronous tools are a big part of having a successful e-learning course.  These tools provide students with more flexibility in the course to complete course work.  Ideally, to complete the course at their own pace, by using the internet merely as a support tool rather than venturing online solely for interactive classes.

Scenario 2:

An Important Class Discussion (reviewing a concept)

Synchronous tools are another way to support our online classrooms, which help to enhance online learning.  These are tools where the teacher is readily accessible and gives immediate feedback to students.  The synchronous tool that I choose for “An Important Class Discussion” is a program called Adobe Connect using Teleconference.  My board is very large “ADSB” and they use this tool to connect all the teachers across our board that are many hours apart.  They do courses, new certifications and meetings using this tool.  This has helped our board to become more connected.  I feel that this tool could be used in an online course either on a regular basis, if the course required, or when certain important topics are to be discussed in class.  When something comes up in an online course that is pertinent, then the teacher can arrange an Adobe Connect Conference using Teleconference so that all students can be heard and ask questions and get answers right away.



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