Universal Design for Learning – Low Vision

When thinking of a barrier that could potentially affect online learning, I think of a past student that I had in one of my classes that had difficulty seeing small print.  This barrier not only affected his learning in the regular classroom but also when using the computer.  The way I supported him in the classroom was to provide all my students with larger print on any handouts and tests that we did in the classroom.  I made all my power points and visual aids with larger print but also with dark print on a lighter background.  Some ways to support him in an online course would be:

  • Larger Print throughout entire course
  • Dark print with light background
  • Make sure all video quality is clear and not pixellated and that video can be enlarged
  • Emails with larger print
  • Don’t make the site distracting
  • Use fewer words in explanations
  • Record instructions or explanations of assignments in an audio file
  • Highlight important words or phrases with a bright colour



3 thoughts on “Universal Design for Learning – Low Vision

  1. Hi Julie
    I think this is so important, especially in an online course where students with low vision also have to contend with things like screen brightness and tiny videos. The darker print on a lighter screen is a great idea–it also benefits colourblind students.
    Great suggestions!

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  2. Hi Julie,
    Great example of a barrier, and great strategies too. I liked how you used the strategies for everyone in the class, not just the one student. Oftentimes, those same strategies are beneficial to everyone (I’m thinking of the highlighting important words, in particular); plus, there’s the added benefit of the student with low vision not feeling centred out.

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