Is Assessment Different Online?

When looking at assessment in an online course I feel that the actual feedback isn’t really that different from the regular classroom.  It is more the way the feedback is given that is different.  In fact I think there is some perks to assessing online!  Teachers can give digital feedback (audio, video, screen-casts) which may be more engaging for most students to have the opportunity to watch and listen to the feedback, instead of reading what is written on their paper.  The teacher can make the feedback more personal and fun, putting a little humor into their suggestions.  Now, having said that, it can be difficult sometimes while assessing online because you don’t get the chance to have a quick f2f on a daily basis with your students.  When you do give feedback, most likely you are going to give more at one time because you don’t see the students daily to give verbal feedback though out the day here and there.

How to Support Online Assessment For, As, & Of Learning?

For Learning

An idea for assessment “For Learning” would be to incorporate quick quizzes in my course before each module, so I have an idea of where all my e-learning students are in relation to the content and technology.  This will give me an idea of where to focus my teachings and what, as a group or even as an individual, we should put more emphasis on within each module.

As Learning

Students should be given a number of opportunities throughout an e-learning course to have a one-on-one discussion with their teacher.  This is where the teacher can ask predetermined questions to see if students are achieving where they need to be.  This gives the students a chance to ask questions for clarification and discuss the expectations within each module.

Of Learning

An online group project is a great way for students to showcase their learning within an e-learning course.  It demonstrates what students have learned, and also what types of technology they have used to complete the task.  An example of a product that a group may put together could be a slide show.  A slide show is a great way to incorporate the use of technology, but also shows what students have learned and taken away from the course.





One thought on “Assessment

  1. Hi Julie
    You’re right about feedback being not too much different. It’s actually pretty much the same from a student’s perspective. It is ours that changes. I had to get used to marking essays on my computer and not with a pen–it’s still not the easiest thing–but the students don’t need to see that struggle. They still get a paper back with helpful comments and corrections.

    Great post!


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