Engaging Our Students

Engaging students sometimes can be a difficult thing in a regular classroom and even more online.  As teachers we have to reach deep down into our creative bag at times to assist our students to be more engaged in our lessons and activities.  It could be making the instructions more interesting, adding in a fun element to a lesson or just making our activities more hands on.  A lesson that I have altered to grab the attention of my students was a science lesson in my electricity unit.  We were discussing static electricity, so I began the lesson with a short video clip of a crazy lightning storm.  Within about 5 seconds I had the attention of all the students in my class.  From there I proceeded to discuss static electricity and what it is and how it works.  I then closed the lesson with a Van der Graaf Generator, where my students had the opportunity to see static electricity in action.

Online course or regular classroom, we have to make our lessons interactive and engaging for our students to connect with the material.  I feel that by connecting my lessons to real world experiences and bringing in a simple video or demonstration as a hook, helps to build a fun and engaging classroom online or in person.



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