Supporting Student Learning

Teachers can support students who struggle in an online learning environment by scaffolding the learning so they can begin to build on previous experiences and prior knowledge.  We can do this by giving progressive self-tests, hints for solving problems or completing tasks, and give tasks and assignments that will continue to build on previous learning

By providing a multisensory approach to learning gives students different opportunities to engage in the content and clarify for understanding.  Teachers can provide this multisensory environment within online courses by implementing; visualization tools, graphics, illustrations and pictures.  When setting up your course with these tools mentioned above, can enhance student understanding for content, assignments and discussions for those that may struggle in the literacy component of the learning. “The use of organizers and overviews of the content enable students to think holistically, and it supports visually orientated learning (McLoughlin, 1999b).”

McLoughlin, C. (1999b). The implications of the research literature on learning styles for the design of instructional material. Australian Journal of Educational Technology, 15(3), 222-241.


One thought on “Supporting Student Learning

  1. Excellent details on tools and resources we can use to support students. I really think organizers are key, which is why I’ve been liking the various infographic tools we’ve been sharing in our course!


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